This greenhouse is characterised for having a dismountable structure made completely of metal rods, a curved roof, and the ability to adapt to almost any type of climate.  It allows the storage of a larger volume of air than other greenhouses, creating better lighting and a controllable micro-climate.

The greenhouse composes a structure made from sheets of steel of Z275 quality, certified to the new European quality standard UNE-EN 13031-1, and guaranteed to last at least 10 years.

The pillars are made of hot dip galvanized steel tubing, in accordance with the technical specifications of galvanized coatings in UNE EN ISO 1461.

A drainage channel with seven bends, made from galvanized steel with magnelis coating, joined with a tongue in groove system to ensure complete water tightness.

Sections of arches, cultivation bars, pendulums, diagonal cables, k reinforcements, manufactured in galvanized sendzimir finish.

Bichromated screws.

Zenith ventilation with butterfly and super zenith windows.

Side ventilation, such as guillotine type and rolling shutters.

Outer coating in film and semi-rigid materials.

Our greenhouses are planned, adjusting to the client’s needs, within the following parameters:

  • Distance between posts: 8m/9,60m
  • Height at gutter: from 4m to 6m
  • Height to peak: from 6m to 8,60m

From our technical department we can provide an integral solution, incorporating into your project the following equipment:

Air Circulators
Move the air inside the greenhouse, improving transpiration and absorption of CO2 by the crops, as well as reducing condensation.  

Fog system
System of nebulisation which helps to increase humidity and refrigeration to the highest standard, and to apply soluble disinfection treatments to the crops.

Controls humidity, temperature and light, controlling the energy saving.

Irrigation system
Through the irrigation system nutrients are carried to the crops, leading to a more rational use of water, and reducing the environmental impact.

Climate Control
Through sensors placed throughout the installation the ideal climate can be obtained during the whole production process of the crop.

Control of CO2
By enriching the atmosphere of the greenhouse with CO2, photosynthesis of the plant is promoted, with all the benefits this bestows on the plant.

There are two types of heat which can be produced in the greenhouse:

  • Convection; heating the air in the greenhouse through hot water pipes in the air, air generators…
  • Conduction; applying heat directly to the crop through hot water pipes buried in the soil or alongside the beds.

We design personalised solutions which guarantee maximum productivity and security for your crops, together with personal assistance to get your project up and running, through:

We study your project taking into account factors such as location, climate and crop.

We apply the latest technology to ensure optimum utilisation of the facility.
We are in control of the whole fabrication process using the most up to date machinery to guarantee our products are of the highest quality.

Our Technical Assistance Service supervises and participates in the assembly of the products, anywhere in the world (if complexity is high).

We carry out a follow up service for all our products, offering technical assistance, maintenance and post-sales.


Our greenhouses are the solution

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